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November 3, 2004 by Nixonspawn
My prayers have been answered and the American people have spoken....

Thank God Kerry didnt pull an "I demand a recount cause i got money"........

Kerry was , is and always will be a loser, a pansy, married to a rich idiotic bitch .

Thank God for conservative Republicans...the silent majority in our country. if you have any doubt, look at the way the voting went!!!

okay, enough about my politics......

OMFG...I think i have a stalker from India on here and I don't know how t...
October 28, 2004 by Nixonspawn
Has the world gone completely insane?

the water is cleaner today than the day GW took office
the AIR is cleaner today than when GW took office...

I cannot believe ppl are putting up billboards like that!
Is kerry behind this? if he is...then I was right about him....he will say or do anything to get into office!

Blaming our President for Global Warming.....hmmm.
well, let me give yall a lil insight...

Global Warming started WAY before most of us were born!
GW did...
October 28, 2004 by Nixonspawn
Please don't feed the animals!
I didn't know animals liked wearing high heeled shoes at 4 am
and stomping up and down the hallway stairs...
I hear them breeding in the back room
like the wild animals I think they are
they howl in the night like that old lady with the bad back...
The lead female certainly looks like she can eat her share of bananas
but she doesn't eat them for the potassium.....

Wild hair, high heels, like to stomp early and late
set the bananas out, then sneak away, ...
October 27, 2004 by Nixonspawn
alrighty then! My hubbie calls me from the field and tells me that one of his fellow soldiers "caught" his wife cheating.....then says if I ever cheat on him he'd kill me and go straight to prison! LOL...he says this in a loving way, I swear it! his own dumb redneck way.....

Now I ask myself, why would someone get married, then cheat on the poor guy?? I was married for eight damn years to a total schmuck...I never cheated! Not even once! I didnt even consider's just not so...
October 27, 2004 by Nixonspawn
This is a 2 part blog about ...1)the amazing number of gadgets there are in the world today and 2) the crazy things you can go to school for .....

Part 1
The latest gadget that I have noticed is the the one that turns TV's
Listen people...I have enough trouble fighting over one clicker with my hubbie...I don't need another...especially if it's gonna cost me $30 to buy, and has only ONE function! OFF!

We recently moved from NC to WA and I had to give away most of my kit...
October 27, 2004 by Nixonspawn
grandma did it
mom did it
I did it
now my 15, 17 yr old cousins are about to do it, I see it coming and it's only a matter of time. How do we stop it? I mean, there are only so many lectures you can give to a teenage girl. They are going to do it even more when you tell them not to do it. Having sex at a young age, having babies when you are still babies, running off with Mr. Wonderful only to find out he was a total schmuck....sound familiar? All the women in my family are following in those...
October 27, 2004 by Nixonspawn
I saw it yesterday when you were playing with your granddaughter
I saw it when you were in the hospital having seizures
I see it when you're not looking
when you go back home to your reclusive hideaway
your pain will linger in my head
you will leave half of it behind with me

even though you don't think i see
I think of it and hurt alongside you
I see your pain, my one and only daddy
I just wish I could take it all away
instead of letting it infect you all over

Pain in the head
October 27, 2004 by Nixonspawn
Hubbie calls from the field
says he has to do KP
wakes up at 3am
then he gets to sleep....ALL DAMN DAY!
he is gone to this notorious "field"
doing KP for a month....

he has the nerve to come home
and say he is "Plum WORE OUT"
It's a GOOD thing men don't have to do the Baby-birthin or
the breastfeedin' because we would be starving, sick and going into EXTINCTION!!!!!!!

This crap kills me, and ALL men do this!
Deny all you want to,...
October 27, 2004 by Nixonspawn
okay people, this is my first post ever so bear with me. I know I promised not to complain because I DID actually know what i was geting myself into when I married Mr. Wonderful....but....WAHHHHHHH!!!! I have alot to get off my chest, so here it goes....

everything is not so bad, not as bad as it can be, not as bad as it was before we PCS'd...right? Being paid $20 in the span of 3 months isnt so's better than nothing right? And the fact that they didnt even have me on record as his s...